Media Production


We provide graphic design services such as logo design. We also provide print and web media graphics design. These services are provided by our team at USI Media


Our team can design and layout print-ready flyers, brochures, business cards, letterheads, banners and more for your marketing and corporate identity needs.


We also design and develop web media such as banners and interactive call-to-action elements.


Digital photo manipulation for the fashion, apparel, commercial and hospitality industries are performed to present the products in their best light. We assist photographers in modifying images requiring detailed adjustments.
In limited US metro markets, we have photographers available that can perform photo shoots on site or in a studio. These photographers understand the finesse of capturing images that are to be presented on screen or in print and work closely with our graphic designers and the project owner to produce the desired images.


From short film promos to web or tv commercials.  We can get it done quickly and cost efficiently.  Our remote “web-mercial” program can put the spotlight on your business without a crew even entering your doors!  We use green-screen technology and still images of your location to put together a full production remotely from our studios.  Saving you time and money.

Our video promo campaigns are one of the most efficient ways for your business to gain exposure to the target markets you need.


The right combinations of colors, images and graphics work to project a pleasing visual theme to your audience.
Thoughtful placement of these elements on paper or on screen can help build impressive material for your marketing campaign or project.