The eSpinners Unit develops web applications for business.

eSpinners has developed our EzWebOrders Online Ordering System. This is an application that allows any company to offer automated ordering to consumers via the internet. The EzWebOrders System is deployed as a subscription service. This allows for the business owner to operate a top-of-class web-based ordering site at a low initial cost. The business can manage the online store powered by the system, while the system itself is continuously maintained, updated and secured by us.

eSpinners has also developed our ViSO product. This is an application developed for the banking industry. It enables consumers to better track and manage their savings goals, while providing the bank with a means of increasing: their average savings deposit amounts, number of depositors, term deposit amounts are kept in the bank. All these are win-win scenarios for both consumer and institution.


Besides providing basic consumer and business web services, the USI Web Design Unit also develops applications for mobile devices.

Mobile applications are a way to extend the power of the web and make it accessible everywhere. The variety of mobile applications abound. Contact us to discuss your next project.