Recurring Charge (Auto-Pay) Authorization

By providing my credit card account (the “account”) information to Unified Systems, Inc., a Florida corporation (“USI”), I the account older, duly authorize USI to automatically charge my account for services provided. My right to use this service is subject to any limits established by my credit card issuer. It is my responsibility to update the account information that is used to pay for services. I understand that I may notify USI by written request at anytime to terminate this authorization. USI reserves the right to charge this account without requiring my signed authorization for each transaction. Also, USI reserves the right to terminate this authorization agreement at anytime. Charges are limited to the following:

  • Monthly service fees.
  • Other incidentals requested by me for services provided by USI.
  • Account holder shall indemnify and hold USI harmless from all loss, damages, expense or liability in connection with such authorized use of the account.

In the event the information disclosed in the credit card authorization form is in any way incorrect, false or fraudulent, the cardholder shall be liable for all costs, expenses and attorney fees incurred in protecting USI’s rights and interests.

USI shall not be liable to the cardholder for any incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages arising out of this authorization.

Upon nearing its expiration date, account holder will provide USI with a new expiration date for the account. This authority will remain in effect until USI is notified in writing (by email or via their online account management module if one is available to them) to cancel it in such time as to afford USI a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

Last updated: January 28, 2020