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Online Stores

Use of the internet as a shopping medium grows daily. The ease of getting information and performing comparison-shopping online draws more and more buyers.

By using e-commerce, retail merchants are able to provide fresher content and distribute their published offerings at a much lower cost than in the past. eCommerce is shifting usage from Printed Catalogs and Brochures in much the same way as email has done with postal service mail. Online Ordering, along with the inherent efficiencies of electronic representation and distribution, has helped change the way business is done today.

The other major benefit online stores (ecommerce web sites) provide both the merchant and the client is interactivity. The merchant can receive real-time feedback and engage the client in its sales and marketing processes while the client gains convenience, quick access to information and the ability to interact from their own environment. A customer can be sitting comfortably at home in their pajamas while they browse a site for purchases they plan to make.

Through our Web Development unit, USI Media, we offer opportunities to own and easily manage your own online store.

Extend Your Sales Reach to More Potential Clients

Almost anyone with a product or service to sell can benefit from the use an online store. Wholesalers can use it as a catalog site to display and categorize information to their existing or potential clients. Retailers can use it as a primary or secondary revenue portal, extending their reach beyond a physical location.

The automation that these online stores provide to the sellers improves the overall efficiency of the operation. Costs are cut due to less staff dedicated to handling orders.

One example of this can be seen on the control panel of any of the online stores using our EzWebOrders Online Ordering solution. An administrator of the online store can easily update the prices on their menus or catalogs with only a few clicks. Say they wanted to change all the prices in their 200 page catalog by adding $1.00 or 5% to each and every item; in less than a minute, it is done! Their customers see the changes immediately. The old way, this would probably have been a sizeable undertaking.

The EzWebOrders solution is offered to retail merchants, mostly restaurant pizza and deli operations offering delivery services.